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Saturday, February 26, 2011

The forest department, Government of Kerala dedicated the ‘SWANTHANA VANAM’ (Palliative Forest) to the patients at the Institute of Palliative Medicine. The Minister of the department handed over the token of dedication to Dr. Suresh Kumar, Director, Institute of Palliative Medicine in the presence of a gathering which had people from diverse walks of life. Palliative Forest is a joint venture by the department and the Institute of Palliative Medicine to ensure that those who are in pain, both physically and mentally, out of chronic and incurable illnesses are touched by the divine greenery of the nature. The venture is a humble attempt      to take them through the green road of palliation.

The dedication function was itself special, unique and the first of its kind ever. The stage was completely left for those special people who were on their wheel chairs since years but managed to be at the fore front of life by very daringly fighting their fate. The guests including the Minister sat among the audience. The function humbly and unanimously declared that forests are not WILD but they are pleasingly PALLIATING… 


  1. keep up all your good work. all the best. :)

  2. GR8 My dear friend ,,,nothing to wonder abt this guy,,,he was our school time leader who guided us and supported us in all extend......may god bless u..help u to achieve more success in all halal paths