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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Project 'Footprints' - where there's Life there's Hope

Project “Footprints” is the  rehabilitation project by Institute of Palliative Medicine, Kozhikode , Kerala, aimed at the social and economical rehabilitation of the chronically ill patients in the city 

Here the patients are brought to the camps arranged in the institute where they learn various skills including painting, art work, clay modeling, making paper bags, ornaments, flowers, umbrellas etc
The team members supply raw materials and arrange support system for marketing.
The organization sees “Footprints” as a way to encourage patients to active life.

Inmates at the camp with the student volunteers
 'Students in Palliative care' ( SIPC), a palliative care  initiative by the student community in the city, with the concrete task of organizing adequate and affordable support programs for the bed ridden, the incurably ill and the dying people in the City, ensure the involvement of students in supporting and caring the patients in the camp

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