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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Local Heroes !!!

I was remembering my last  train journey  to Trivandrum.

Raju, my fellow traveler was on his first time in a train and talks only very little Malayalam. It was interesting to see his excitement.

His sister has warned him not to travel alone and he has assured her that someone will come to me on my way to take care of me.

How true he was..., An aunt came to our compartment
with a mentally challenged boy.She was full of love and life. It was so hearty the way she took care of us.Her dream is to build a home of love to the destitute and to serve them until her last breath....!!!!

Life is meaning less without helping others, said Raju  as we helped the boy to his his berth in the train

- Saif

Love each other or perish !!!

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